What Is Oral Thrush?

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Oral Thrush, which is also referred to as the candidiasis, can crop up in individuals falling under various age limits, which ranges from the babies to that of the elderly. Oral thrush is but a condition that arises as when the candidia albicans, a fungus, starts building up on the lining related to the mouth. This leads to the formation of white lesions on the inner cheeks or tongue. Oral thrush at times gets confused with that of leukoplakia, where the leukoplakia lesions arise owing to chronic irritation caused due to the rough edges found on the teeth, crowns or fillings, and it isn't caused by an organism.

Also, leukoplakia lesions build up over a period of time unlike oral thrush that might build up suddenly. A thrush infection tends to spread and affect the gums as well as the roof pertaining to the mouth, which in turn causes symptoms in the form of irritation and redness. If an individual comes across lesions in the mouth or on the tongue, visiting a dentist helps in determining the cause that has led to the problem, as well as can pave way for the right course of treatment. The main objective behind the treatment of thrush is in stopping the infection from spreading further.

In case of healthy children and babies, treatment may not be needed, as the lesions may get resolved on their own. By adding yogurt to the diet of child or an individual might help in resetting the bacterial imbalance that is caused owing to the excess amount related to the thrush fungus. Individuals affected by HIV or even other immunosuppressive illness face greater risk with respect to the spreading of this infection. Antifungal medication might get recommended for such individuals by the dentist.

Consistent oral healthcare routine will have to be followed as yogurt should also become a part of the diet for individuals who take antibiotics for preventing thrush from occurring or even reoccurring.

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What Is Oral Thrush?

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This article was published on 2011/01/12